What is Home Staging?

Staging highlights the attributes of your property, minimizes objections that buyers may have and defines the space. It is a marketing strategy that prepares and styles a home for sale to appeal to the majority of potential buyers so that the property will sell quickly, for the most money.

What are the benefits to stage my home in a hot real estate market?  A seller or real estate agent will make more money having the property staged because this leads to more offers and bidding wars, which drive up the sale price of the property.

How can staging help in a Cool Real Estate Market?  Staged homes sell much faster and for more money than homes that are not staged.  Edmonton Home Staging is highly advantageous to home sellers and real estate agents in both hot and cool markets!

Why is home staging essential in selling your home?

Did you know that a potential buyer will form an opinion of your home within the first 60 seconds of viewing it? The nature of that first impression can make the difference between a sale – and no sale! My job is to make that first minute your finest minute by turning your home into a buyer’s dream home.

Buyers usually have at least some familiarity with design trends and have high expectations when it comes to purchasing a new home. Having your home professionally staged will make it stand out from the competition by making it show more beautifully in photos and in person. This advantage will attract more buyers and more offers = a higher price and fewer Days on Market (DOM).

Did you know?

* Two-thirds of buyers would pay more for a property that is move-in ready.
* Staged homes often sell for up to 10% more than homes that have not been staged.
* Staged homes usually sell 2-3 times faster than homes that have not been staged, particularly in a slow market.
* Staging your home is less expensive than a single price reduction – protect your equity.

Allow me to transform your home into a show home by highlighting its best features. I will create an inviting and attractive space that has universal appeal and will make buyers feel right at home and ready to buy.

Why do real estate agents LOVE working with Refresh? 

Home staging is essential to saving marketing dollars and having a competitive edge over other agents.  Simply put: your listings will SHINE!  Stand out from the competition by having your listing professionally staged.

Maximize commission by selling your listing faster and for top dollar. Not only do staged homes usually sell 2-3 times faster than un-staged homes (especially in a slow market), but they also generally sell for as much as 10% more than homes that have not been staged.  That’s a win-win for your client and YOU!

Professional Home Staging is key to quality marketing photos that get buyers attention. 90% of buyers will see these pictures on the MLS before deciding if they want to view your listing in person.  Attract more buyers to showings, beginning with their search on the MLS. This advantage will lead to more offers and the likelihood of selling the listing within the first round of marketing.

Home Staging saves you time. Real estate agents are typically very busy people.  I will walk with the seller through the process of assessing the home’s needs and staging the property. This will allow you, the real estate agent, to focus on other aspects of selling the property resulting in the homeowner receiving top quality service.

Eliminate the risk of losing a listing. As a real estate agent, convincing a homeowner to do the work and invest the money that is necessary in preparing their home for sale can be challenging. As a professional home stager, I will address objections that the homeowner might have. Delegating this job to a qualified Stager takes the pressure off you and eliminates the risk of losing the listing because of unwanted feedback.

Home Staging for Vacant Properties

Empty spaces typically appear smaller and less inviting than furnished homes. A lack of furniture may lead to buyers focusing on a scratch on the floor instead of the space as a whole. Therefore, by hiring a professional home stager you will ensure that the buyer’s high expectations are realized upon viewing your property.

Refresh will define your space with rental furnishings and accessories to enhance your property’s best features, create a welcoming atmosphere and give your property the edge it needs to sell fast. Refresh offers a range of rental furniture, accessories and artwork to give buyers a clear and complete picture of your property.

Home Staging for Occupied Properties

A poorly presented home is an instant turn off to buyers. Statistically, only 10% of buyers are able to see the ‘hidden potential’ in a home. Therefore, counting on a buyer to see past your home’s mess and dated decor is a risk you may eventually wish you didn’t take.

Refresh will use your existing furniture, art and accessories to emphasize your property’s best features in such a way that buyers connect with your home as there own.  Rental accessories and art work may also be used to compliment and enhance the overall look and feel of the space.