Home staging is an investment that costs less than your first price reduction.  Here are the packages we offer to help homeowners sell their home for the highest price in the shortest time frame:

‘Refresh-It-Yourself’ (With Some Help)
Consultation for Occupied/ ‘Lived In’ Properties

Set the stage for successful selling!  Who says staging is only for vacant properties?  Not Refresh!  This package offers amazing value and HUGE IMPACT while re-working the furnishings that you already have.  The look and feel of your property is transformed through comprehensive room by room, interior and exterior walk & talk assessment that is combined with a thorough hands-on makeover of your home using your existing furnishings, accessories and artwork.  Refresh will edit your entire space using what you have in a fresh and stylish new way.

Also included in this consultation is an easy to follow Action Plan with additional recommendations that will maximize your home’s appeal to buyers:

*Helpful ideas for organizing/ cleaning: what to remove from your space and how to get the biggest bang for your buck when repairs and updating are needed
* Suggestions to maximize spaciousness
* Home staging tips you can implement yourself
* Paint colour recommendations: uniquely chosen to enhance and compliment your property
*Recommendations for rental or purchase of accessories or art work that will enhance the overall presentation and feel of your space.


‘Freshly Furnished’
Partial or Full Home Staging: Furnishing & Accessorizing
For Occupied or Vacant Properties

This service will boost marketability by maximizing spaciousness, eliminating clutter and unifying your space to captivate buyers’ attention and lead to a quick, profitable sale.

Staging for Vacant Properties

Buyers do not see a vacant property as a ‘blank canvas’ or as appearing larger without furniture.  Most people will see it as it is: empty.  This translates to ‘uninviting, cold, and undesirable.  Not quite the first impression you want to make, is it?  Refresh to the rescue!  We will stage your property with quality decor: furniture, accessories, and art carefully chosen to appeal to the appropriate demographic and  combined to highlight your home’s best features.  Your property will be transformed from so-so into styled to sell!


Proposals for Vacant Properties are provided upon visiting the property to ensure an accurate quote is given. The proposal will be customized for your property’s needs and your budget.

Pricing for Vacant Properties typically ranges between $2,000 and $3,000, depending on property size, project scope, furniture needs, and other factors.

Staging for Occupied Properties

Creating a totally new look and feel within an occupied property can be accomplished by  removing and/ or re-arranging your existing furniture, accessories and art.  This service is for home sellers/ real estate agents who may not have the time or desire to implement the recommendations provided in the ‘Refresh-It-Yourself’ Consultation but still want to experience the full effectiveness of staging.  Once you have implemented the ‘prep’ recommendations (de-cluttering, cleaning, etc.), Refresh will come in and stage your space using your existing furnishings and accessories.  The option to incorporate rental accessories from Refresh is available to enhance existing decor and create increased impact.


Proposals for Occupied Properties are provided upon completion of our Consultation to ensure an accurate quote is given.  The proposal will be customized for your property’s needs and your budget.

Pricing for Occupied Properties can range anywhere between $250 and $1,000, depending on property size, project scope, furniture needs, and other factors.

‘Refreshed Renovation’
Consultation for Vacant Properties in Need of Updating

Is your property in need of a few tweaks or even a major overhaul?  When selling your property, small improvements go a LONG way.  Let us help you focus your funds to get the greatest return possible on your investment.  Refresh will show you what areas of your home to invest in and how to save the most money.   Expert advice will be provided to guide you in your selection and combination of fixtures, finishes, flooring and paint to create mass appeal in a cost-effective way.  You will also receive a list of preferred vendors who offer discounts to Refresh clients.



‘Refined Redesign’
Decorating for Your Home

Whether you’re moving into your new home or you’d like to add new life to your current space, Refresh will ‘reveal your home’s hidden appeal’ without blowing your budget. Redesign is like a mini makeover for your home. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to make your home as beautiful, functional and inviting as possible. Refresh will use as much of your existing furniture and decor as possible to give your home a fresh look.  Space planning (furniture arrangements), art and accessory placement, paint colours and ideas for new items that will enhance existing decor will be addressed. We can focus on transforming one room or your entire home.


$75 / hour